Johari Window
Web site describes the Johari Window communication model. Commercial site managed by Teleometrics International.

Ingham and Luft's Johari Window Model
A detailed description of Joe Luft and Harry Ingham's Johari Window is outlined on this site hosted by the Chimaera Consulting Limited.

This paper "Johari Window and the Psychodynamics of Leadership and Influence in Intergroup Life" is written by David M. Boje, PhD., New Mexico State College.

Chapter on Johari Window
This chapter on Johari Window: A Model for Soliciting and Giving Feedback is maintained by Air University, Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Montgomery, Alabama.

Johari Window Origin
Origin of the Johari Window, along with its benefits and disadvantages, are outlined on this web site hosted by Management, Methods, and More.

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