Just War Theory
An excellent overview of just war theory, from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which is edited by professors of philosophy at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Just War Theory
A review and analysis of Just War Theory. Site maintained by the First Unitarian Congregational Society of Wilton Center, New Hampshire.

Truth & Reconciliation Commission
A discussion of just war theory from a Christian ethical perspective, with emphasis on how Christian ethics affect missionary work in other cultures. Written by a youth minister in South Africa.

Bullet Points
Bullet points on Just War Theory with links to additional readings. Site maintained by Mount Holyoke College.

Education - Just War Theory
This site is maintained by Mark Rigstad, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oakland University. It provides public education in just war theory and international law and foreign policy.

Ethics of Strategic Bombing
A paper on the ethics of strategic bombing in World War II, with a discussion of just war theory. From the Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics, an organization devoted to the education and discussion of military related ethics.

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