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Study Skills

Study skills include all sorts of activities—anything, in fact, that will help you to study and pass exams.  These activities include:

  1. Learning Preferences:
    This is simply a “formal” way of describing the way that you learn best.  It will show you why you have an easier time learning from one instructor and a more difficult time learning from another.  Some people need to see material to learn it; others need to hear it.  This section will help you understand how YOU learn best and what you can do to make learning easier.
  2. Note Taking:
    Information presented in class often covers the most important material in the course. And, these notes are often very important when it comes time to study for your test.  Yet, we know that taking GOOD notes is difficult. This section will help you to understand how to take good notes and still listen in class. 
  3. Memory and Studying:
    Many of us think that, to study, you just need to memorize information.  But there’s a lot of information in each of your courses.  And, you often need to apply this information to some sort of scenario.  This section will provide some tools to help you study more effectively. 
  4. Test Taking:
    Just thinking about taking tests makes people nervous!  This section will offer tips on how to prepare yourself to take a variety of different tests—from multiple choice tests to essay tests. Remember, learning to take a test is a skill…just like any other skill.  So, here we’ll provide you with techniques that make it easier for you to prepare for tests.   
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