Chapter 1. Introduction to Statistics
Section Video Lectures
  Basic Skills and Concepts (19:00)
  Types of Data (8:50)
  Collecting Sample Data (8:48)


Chapter 2. Summarizing and Graphing Data
Section Video Lectures
  Frequency Distributions (18:54)
  Histograms (11:26)
  Graphs That Enlighten and Graphs That Deceive (a 17:41, b 12:25)


Chapter 3. Statistics for Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data
Section Video Lectures
  Measures of Center (13:47)
  Measures of Variation (16:37)
  Measures of Relative Standing and Boxplots (20:15)


Chapter 4. Probability
Section Video Lectures
  Basic Concepts of Probability (19:42)
  Addition Rule (15:19)
  Multiplication Rule: Basics (14:06)
  Multiplication Rule: Complements and Conditional Probability (8:46)
  Counting (17:36)
  Probabilities Through Simulations (on CDROM) (7:19)


Chapter 5. Discrete Probability Distributions
Section Video Lectures
  Probability Distributions (15:00)
  Binomial Probability Distributions (15:25)
  Parameters for Binomial Distributions (10:27)
  Poisson Probability Distributions (16:03)


Chapter 6. Normal Probability Distributions
Section Video Lectures
  The Standard Normal Distribution (15:30)
  Applications of Normal Distributions (14:17)
  Sampling Distributions and Estimators (12:26)
  The Central Limit Theorem (14:44)
  Assessing Normality (7:23)
  Normal as Approximations to Binomial (12:29)


Chapter 7. Estimates and Sample Sizes
Section Video Lectures
  Estimating a Population Proportion (23:09)
  Estimating a Population Mean (a 20:58, b 14:47)
  Estimating a Population Standard Deviation of Variance (17:13)


Chapter 8. Hypothesis Testing
Section Video Lectures
  Basics of Hypothesis Testing (24:06)
  Testing a Claim About a Proportion (18:00)
  Testing a Claim About a Mean (a 8:12, b 7:12)
  Testing a Claim About a Standard Deviation or Variance (15:06)


Chapter 9. Inferences From Two Samples
Section Video Lectures
  Two Proportions (16:09)
  Two Means: Independent Samples (13:56)
  Two Dependent Samples (Matched Pairs) (13:41)
  Two Variances or Standard Deviations (11:16)


Chapter 10. Correlation and Regression
Section Video Lectures
  Correlation (7:34)
  Regression (8:54)
  Prediction Intervals and Variation (8:21)
  Multiple Regression (7:20)
  Nonlinear Regression (17:28)


Chapter 11. Goodness-of-Fit and Contingency Tables
Section Video Lectures
  GoodnessofFit (19:00)
  Contingency Tables (a 15:48, b 12:47)


Chapter 12. Analysis of Variance
Section Video Lectures
  One-Way ANOVA (8:02)
  Two-Way ANOVA (11:33)


Chapter 13. Nonparametric Statistics
Section Video Lectures
  Sign Test (18:38)
 Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks Test for Matched Pairs (14:33)
  Wilcoxon Ranked-Sum Test for Two Independent Samples (17:14)
  Kruskal-Wallis Test (15:30)
  Rank Correlation (11:37)
  Runs Test for Randomness (9:43)


Chapter 14. Statistical Process Control
Section Video Lectures
  Control Charts for Variation and Mean (16:48)
  Control Charts for Attributes (9:47)


Chapter 15. Projects, Procedures, Ethics, and Perspectives, no exercises available
Section Video Lectures
No Videos for this section