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About Health Ed Today

Since 1993, Health Ed Today has been supporting innovative allied healthcare training and education programs in partnership with colleges & universities, hospitals, healthcare organizations, adult education centers and other similar providers.

Currently with over 300 partnerships operating in 40 states – Health Ed Today and our sister company Condensed Curriculum International (CCI) can help provide:

  • Pharmacy Technician Certification
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • ICDE-10 Medical Coding
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Electronic Health Records Management
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • EKG Technician
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Dental Assisting
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Electronic Health Records Management
  • Other leading healthcare technician programs

If you are looking for a classroom training option for Electronic Health Records Management or an online e-learning Pharmacy Technician program, CCI and Health Ed Today can provide you with creative options to meet your education and training needs.

Leading Healthcare Training & Education Programs

Accessible Healthcare Education Programs – Anytime. Anywhere.

Health Ed Today supports leading healthcare education and training programs to students, professionals and healthcare organizations nationwide.

Through traditional classroom training and engaging online programs, Health Ed Today supports comprehensive instruction in leading healthcare disciplines and related professions. Courses include lecture, labs and exercises to simulate and an enriching professional experience.

Health Ed Today partners and program students receive access to an engaging online community - which includes interactive content and robust student services:

  • Enriching lesson presentations
  • Simulated labs and student exercises
  • Instructor mentoring and coaching
  • Live discussions and chat with instructors and other students

Course Demo

With Health Ed Today, these programs are available to both working adults interested in a new career and current healthcare professionals. Through both interactive online courses and live classroom based instruction, these exciting programs will help students prepare for the numerous jobs available to health care staff and professionals.

These programs include access to an online community which will include interactive content and robust student services including:

  • 24 × 7 instructor support – both email and live phone coaching and mentoring
  • Online Healthcare Content which supplements Classroom Programs
  • Additional labs and animated simulations
  • Student Collaboration
  • Student pre and post assessments and online performance tracking
  • Career guidance and related support,
  • Free training on more advanced concepts – covering additional content for each program
  • Other online tools that will help make a students experience much more enriching

Module 1 Medical Administrative Assistant Lesson Presentation

Module 5 EKG Technician Lesson Presentation

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